The Best Essays by Famous Authors

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The Best Essays by Famous Authors


The best essays are those that make you think, make you question, and move you. These pieces often have a very specific focus, like a political viewpoint, or a particular topic. These pieces are also important for the success of a novel or short story. Some of the best essays are written by famous authors. Here are some of them:

Many of the best essays are deeply personal. They are deeply engaged with issues and ideas, and they demonstrate that the genre’s name is also a verb. For example, one of the best essays in the world was written by Jonathan Swift, who suggested that the Irish sell their children to the wealthy. Some writers turn Olde Worlde writing into Olde Worlde by relying on metaphors and other stylistic devices. Others go beyond mere wit to convey their ideas.

Another collection of essays by top writers is The Best American Essays 2020, edited by Andre Aciman. It’s a collection of the year’s best essays. Aciman’s introduction asserts that «an essay is a child of uncertainty,» and that the struggle to express what is entirely true gives it its grace, depth, and magnitude. The essays in this collection center on people grappling with deep uncertainty, and the search for greater truth.

George Orwell is famous for his controversial essays, which often touch on politics, language, and book-buyers. In 1936, his essay ‘Confessions of a Book Reviewer’ was published the same year as his novel Keep the Aspidistra Flying, a novel about a writer who works in a bookstore. The two writers discuss the relationship between bookshops and writers, and Orwell’s essay on book-buyers is an excellent example of this.

Another important essay written by George Orwell explores the Black American experience. In his essay, he describes his journey from being a teenage preacher to not believing in god, and recounts his meeting with the Nation of Islam’s leader, Elijah Muhammad. The essay is still relevant today, as the four reasons he listed in the essay are still relevant. This is a fascinating essay that’s sure to inspire many readers. There’s no shortage of essays to choose from.

In addition to his novels, E.B. White wrote many brilliant essays. One of his most famous essays explores the theme of fatherhood and is set against a scenic lake in Maine. White also invented what he called the «new journalism» and wrote about the creation of the American idea after Thomas Jefferson’s snub of a European ambassador. One of his most powerful pieces explores the meaning of life and what makes it meaningful.

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